iPod Video (1st & 2nd Generation) Take-Apart-Guide

240GB MK2431GAH Toshiba Hard Drive available here: iPod 240GB Drive

iPod Video Parts available here: iPod Video Parts


Step 1
  • Tools required:
  • Small Phillips Screw Driver
  • Small Flathead or exacto razor
  • A Safe Open Tool
  • Complete Toolkit available HERE
  • 1st use your thumb and index fingers to squeeze the middle of the ipod to create a small gap. Next insert the safe open tool and pry the front bezel along the full edge to open the unit.


    Step 2

    You now have the front cover and backing apart. Be very careful because there are 2 ribbon cables still attached inside. One for the headphone jack and the other for the battery.

    Step 3

    After the backing is pried up a little bit, take a small razor or flathead and pop the battery cable clip up to remove the Battery cable.

    Step 4

    Picture of battery cable and how to remove.

    Step 5

    Picture of battery cable removed.

    Step 6

    Pull the hard drive out of the front panel and lay it down. 

    Step 7

    Next you are going to want to take the hard drive out. Gently pop the black clip up and remove the drive.

    Step 8

    Now you can safely remove the headphone jack cable from the main board. Insert a fingernail or flathead and pop the brown clip up to remove the cable.

    Step 9

    Shows backing completely removed from front panel. We will show you how to remove the battery and headphone jack later.

    Step 10

    Shows complete front panel components.

    Step 11

    To remove LCD, take the flathead or razor and pop the black clip up.

    Step 12

    Carefully remove the LCD screen ribbon cable from the board.

    Step 13

    In order to get the LCD screen out we will need to remove the frame around it. You need to remove 6 screws with the small Phillips driver. (3 on each side of the iPod).

    Step 14

    After the screws are removed you need to remove the aluminum framing. Just pull up on this and it will come off.

    Step 15

    You can now remove the LCD screen for replacement. Picture shows all components removed from front panel bezel. Install New LCD screen and follow reverse steps to reassemble. In order to remove clickwheel and other parts you will need to remove the main board from the aluminum frame (Pic 14). The main board is held on with mild adhesive so you can just push it off the frame. There is a ground connection holding part of the clickwheel to the frame. Carefully take a razor and pull it off.

    Step 16

    Once the main board is off the frame you can remove the clickwheel by inserting the flathead on the connector and pop the black part up. Clickwheel cable may be held on the board with mild adhesive. Gently peel off board if needed.

    Step 17

    Shows disassembly of iPod video Clickwheel from main board.

    Step 18

    To remove the battery you will need to insert the safe open tool underneath and pry up. Or you can simply take your fingers and remove the battery (held on with mild adhesive).

    Step 19

    To remove the hold switch and headphone jack you will need to remove a few screws (indicated in pic 19).

    Step 20

    Shows  disassembly of iPod Video Audio Jack..

    We are all done, just go backwards to reassemble. Let us know if anything else should be added to this guide.