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A wide selection of Apple iPad repair parts are available for purchase from Rapid Repair. We stock and maintain the largest inventory of Apple iPad parts in the United States. Apple iPad repair parts are available for all models and sizes. Rapid Repair is here to help repair broken Apple iPad products. As we all know, the iPod has had many different issues, we anticipate the iPad to have some of those same issues. We are here to help with iPad parts, iPad repair and iPad mods.

We help schools and businesses repair iPad glass as well. Please contact us for more information regarding our Enterprise Account Program. We can fix your fleet of devices at a fraction of the cost of what others may charge. call 888.763.6637 for more information.

Support for: broken iPad, iPad screen issues, iPad parts, iPad glass, iPad headphone jacks, School iPad Repair Program & more!

We accept ALL iPad models for Diagnostic Repair Testing. If you are unsure of your model, check your back panel for the Axxxx number below:

iPad Gen 1: A1219 WiFi, A1337 WiFi + 3G.

iPad Gen 2: A1395 WiFi, A1397 WiFi + 3G CDMA, A1396 WiFi + 3G GSM.

iPad Gen 3: A1416 WiFi, A1403 WiFi + Cellular VZ, A1430 WiFi + Cellular.

iPad Gen 4: A1458 WiFi, A1459 WiFi + Cellular, A1460 WiFi + Cellular MM.

iPad Mini Gen 1: A1432 WiFi, A1454 WiFi + Cellular, A1455 WiFi + Cellular MM.

iPad Mini Gen 2 Retina: A1489 WiFi, A1490 WiFi + Cellular.

iPad Air: A1474 WiFi, A1475 WiFi + Cellular

To have your iPod looked at by one of technicians, start your order here:
iPad Diagnostic Testing


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