iPhone 5 Front Camera & Sensor Ribbon

iPhone 5 Front Camera & Sensor Ribbon

Code: 8310-iPhone-5-front-camera-sensor-ribbon


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Product Description


This is the forward facing camera assembly. This assembly also includes the ambient light sensor, the secondary microphone, and the proximity sensor.

This part may resolve issues with camera functionality, the screen not turning off when you put your phone to your ear, or issues with noise cancellation (listeners cannot hear you due to background noises).

Part Notes
  • This part is actually two pieces specially soldered together. Don't take a chance; purchase the complete part!
  • This part is available for self installation or professional installation.
  • This part requires a pentalobe driver, a small phillips screwdriver, and a suction cup for the easiest installation.


This part is compatible with the following devices:

  • iPhone 5 (Models A1428, A1429, & A1442)

Apple Part #:

  • 821-1449-A
  • 821-1449