Zune 128GB SSD Upgrade

Zune 128GB SSD Upgrade

Code: 3099-Zune-128GB-SSD-Upgrade

$149.99 NEW

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Product Description

  • Upgrade your Zune to a Solid State 128GB SSD drive with NO moving parts! Blazing Fast!
  • You can also order a discounted battery with your SSD drive to make the Zune like new again (recommended for devices with battery over 3 years old).
  • Please call in to ask any questions prior to purchasing this drive. 269.344.7646


Compatibility: This drive will work with the following Zune devices, Zune 30GB, Zune 80GB, Zune 120GB.

How To Order: Add item to cart, go through checkout, once completed you will get an order # along with instructions on where and how to ship the device. Pack it up and ship it in. We will let you know when the Zune reaches our service center so we can get started! You can opt to install the drive yourself, simply select Self Installation (we highly advise professional install though).

Tips: MAKE SURE your device boots and works 100% before ordering this upgrade service. If you send in a non-working Zune, we may have to charge you for a diagnostic service (no more than $20).