60GB Hard Drive (MK6008GAH)

60GB Hard Drive (MK6008GAH)

Code: 3016-hard-drive-disk-mk6008gah


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Get a replacement Hard Disk Drive for your 5th Generation iPod with Video (Revision 2) or Microsoft Zune Digital Media Player 1st gen.  This item is a brand new Toshiba Hard Drive and will work in the ALL iPod Video units & Microsoft 1st gen Zune Players. Model number may vary slightly from the picture above, but is an accurate representation of the drive. 60GB Hard Drive for 5th Gen iPod w/ Video (MK6008GAH 2nd Gen) & Microsoft 1st gen Zune Players.


This item is compatible with All iPod Video & Microsoft Zune 30GB models, and can be used to UPGRADE a 30GB iPod Video to a 60GB iPod Video & and from a 30GB Zune to a 60GB Zune. This does require a larger backing for the iPod if you are upgrading a 30GB to a 60GB. Zune players do not need a larger backing (minor modification required for Zune).


To check and see which revision  you have, simply browse to the settings on your iPod and click on "About". If your model number matches any of the ones below then you can upgrade your iPod Video/Zune to a 60GB drive:

Fifth-Enhanced (5.5G) Generation (Video)

   * 30GB white: MA444LL/A

   * 30GB black: MA446LL/A

   * 80GB white: MA448LL/A

   * 80GB black: MA450LL/A

Fifth (5.0G) Generation (Video)

  * 30GB white: MA002LL/A

   * 30GB black: MA146LL/A

   * 60GB white: MA003LL/A

   * 60GB black: MA147LL/A

   * 30GB U2: MA452LL/A

Microsoft Zune Digital Media Player

   * 30GB Brown JS8-00003

   * 30GB Black JS8-00001

   * 30GB White JS8-00002