Refurbished iPod Video 256GB SSD

Refurbished iPod Video 256GB SSD

Code: 1998-refurbished-ipod-video-256gb-SSD


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Refurbished 5th Generation iPod Video 256GB SSD:

  • Professionally refurbished 5.5 generation iPod Video. iPod will come in New condition.

  • Pre-installed 2000mAh eXtended life battery, twice the size of the original battery!

  • Includes the famed Wolfson Digital-Analog Converter (DAC) - only in the 5.5 Gen. iPod Video. This well known audiophile-quality chip is ideal for FLAC and lossless files for the best possible sonic reproduction.

  • Full accessory pack includes: Earbuds, USB Sync Cable and Screen Protector.

  • Make payment by PayPal to confirmed address to get the device shipped fast or if by credit card this item must ship to actual billing address no exceptions. We will verify the payment and may delay the shipping of the item.

  • INTERNATIONAL customers MUST make payment with PayPal to a CONFIRMED address!


  • Hassle free 90 day warranty


  • Total formatted capacity is 238GB.

  • This unit is lighter than the original iPod (This unit uses the 256GB SDXC Card and Special Adapter).

  • Comes installed with custom OS Rockbox firmware for optimal use.

  • This unit must use custom firmware for the large capacity, Rockbox is very stable and easy to use.

  • Advised limit is 20,000 tracks per playlist with stock firmware. Use of third party firmware required for optimal usage above this amount.

  • Please note, these units are custom built by Rapid Repair techs with precision. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.