160GB HS161JQ Hard Drive for iPod Classic

160GB HS161JQ Hard Drive for iPod Classic

Code: 1819-160gb-hard-drive-ipod-classic


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  • Get a replacement hard drive 160GB for the iPod classic.
  • Samsung Spinpoint HS161JQ 160GB hard drive.
  • Works on iPod Classic models Gen 1 & Gen 2, 80GB, 120GB, & 160GB.
  • This has a moderate difficulty level to install.



  • Available as Self-Installed part or for Professional installation.


This is a dual platter drive that will work in all Classic models with a thick backing. If you are upgrading from a 80GB or 120GB, you need a larger back panel to pad the drive. You also need to purchase a new hard drive ZIF cable because the connection to the drive is different.