iPod Video & Classic Solid State Upgrade Kit

iPod Video & Classic Solid State Upgrade Kit

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iPod Video & iPod Classic Solid State Upgrade Kit. **Mail-in-Service**

First CHECK YOUR IPOD MODEL NUMBER IN "settings->about". if you cannot find it try entering the diagnostics mode by holding MENU and CENTER buttons until it reboots and then immediately hold the LEFT and CENTER buttons after that until it enters a diagnostics menu. Then go to "MANUAL TEST" and select "SYSCFG" one of the lines should read your model number. See eligible models below.

  • Have a working iPod Video or iPod classic? We can upgrade the spinning hard drive inside to a solid state drive (SSD iPod).

  • This is for Mail-in-Service. After checkout, we will provide instructions on where and how to ship your iPod. After we receive the iPod, we will contact you and start the upgrade.

  • You must have one of the models listed below:

    Type 1 (Upgrade Sizes Available: 32GB, 64GB & 128GB): MB029 / MB147 / MB145 / MB150 / PB145 / PB150 / PB565 / PB562 / MB565 / MB562

    Type 2 (Upgrade Sizes Available: 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 192GB, 256GB, 384GB, 512GB & 1 Terabyte): MA002 / MA146 / PA002 / PA146 / PA003 / PA147 / MA003 / MA147 / MA444 / MA446 / PA444 / PA446 / PA448 / PA450 / MA448 / MA450 / PC297 / PC293 / MC297 / MC293 (if your model isnt listed, please call in to check).

  • After you have located the model number and are sure your iPod can be upgraded, please select one of the size options above. After checkout, we will email instructions on how to send the unit in for the upgrade. Please note that you must have a fully working iPod to have this modification done! If your iPod is broken, and you suspect its the hard drive only thats bad then we can still perform the upgrade. If you are unsure of your iPods condition, send it in and we can run a diagnostic. If we cannot perform the upgrade we will let you know before any charges are made.

  • We also offer a 2000mAh Extended Life Battery which is necessary for most upgrades. Depending on your iPod, we may have to replace the back panel in order to fit the battery. We will reuse your thin headphone jack and other parts and you may notice a small gap and a slightly indented hold slide but it will operate as normal. If you would like to install a thick headphone jack there is a $50 charge (but not necessary).


    30GB iPod versions have an approx. 20,000 track limit.

    All other iPod models have an approx. 50,000 track limit.

    iPods above 384GB are more sensitive and additional care must be used when syncing.

    RockBox will be preloaded on any device 256GB or larger and is the advised OS for larger upgrade kits.

  • INTERNATIONAL customers MUST make payment with PayPal to a CONFIRMED address, NO Exceptions!
    USA customers may use a credit card shipping only to the billing address of that card!
    We will verify ALL orders!


  • 90 day parts warranty. Please note, these units are custom built by Rapid Repair techs with precision. Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery (in most cases your device will be shipped much faster).