LCD Screen Repair for iPod Photo

LCD Screen Repair for iPod Photo

Code: 1520-lcd-screen-repair-ipod-photo


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Product Description


  • iPod Photo LCD screen replacement
  • Replace your color iPod Photo LCD screen with a tested screen from Rapid Repair.
  • RGB Color screen for iPod Photo only.



  • Available as Self-Installed part or for Professional installation.


Additional Info:

  • MDP9585
  • NOTE**: For self installation customers, you must find out what type of screen you have. Select Gen 1, or Gen 2 screen  for Self-Installation customers ONLY. Since there are 2 different generation models, we need to know which one you have. Take your screen out and note the silver rectangles on the right side of the screen. These silver rectangles are the drivers for the screen (right by the ribbon cable). If you have a screen with one rectangle then it is a Gen 2 screen, two rectangles for Gen 1 screen. If you are sending your iPod in then you will not have to determine the type. Generation 1 iPod Photo models were produced and sold: Oct-2004 40GB & 60GB models. Generation 2 iPod Photo models were produced and sold: June-2005 20GB & 60GB models.



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