eXtended Life Battery for 4G iPod

eXtended Life Battery for 4G iPod

Code: 1403-extended-battery-4g-ipod


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Product Description


  • 900 mAh Extended life battery for 4th Generation iPod / iPod Photo.
  • Up to 30% more battery life on a maximum charge!
  • Comes factory packed with tools and detailed instructions.
  • 1-year warranty with a 30-day return policy, (must be unopened).



  • Available for Self & Professional installation.



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P/N: 616-0183, 616-0206, AW4701218074, ICP0534500

Model: M9585*, M9585*/A, M9585B/A, M9585CH/A, M9585FE/A, M9585J/A, M9585KH/A, M9585LL/A, M9585TA/A, M9585X/A, M9585ZR/A, M9585ZV/A M9586*, M9586*/A, M9586B/A, M9586CH/A, M9586FE/A, M9586J/A, M9586KH/A, M9586LL/A, M9586TA/A, M9586X/A, M9586ZR/A, M9586ZV/A