5 Point TS1 Pentalobe Tool for iPhone

5 Point TS1 Pentalobe Tool for iPhone

Code: 1078-iphone-pentalobe-tool


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  • 5 point pentalobe TS1 driver tool for iPhone dock screws.
  • Some iPhone 4 models came with these screws instead of the normal phillips ones.
  • Use this tool to open the iPhone by removing the bottom pentalobe screws.
  • Works great for: iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S & iPhone 6.



  • Available as Self-Installed part


In late 2010, Apple switched the screw style on the iPhone, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro from a standard Phillips screwdriver to a 5 point star screwdriver size TS1. Before selecting this screwdriver for purchase, all customers should look at the bottom of their iPhone 4 and see if it has a "plus" or a "star" screw. These will be the screws on either side of the Apple connector.