Deluxe Toolkit for: iPhone, iPad, Zune, iPod

Deluxe Toolkit for: iPhone, iPad, Zune, iPod

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Need help repairing your electronic device? This tool kit comes with everything to safely open any: iPod, iPhone, Zune, PDA, etc...

This is the Deluxe model kit, not our standard Tool kit.

  • T-6 Star Driver (for iPod some internal screws)
  • T-4 Star Driver (for Zune)
  • Small Phillips Screw Driver
  • Small Flathead Screw Driver
  • Triwing Driver (for Wii & Zune)
  • Safe Open Case Tool (2), Nylon and perfect for the iPod & iPhone.
  • Suction cup for pulling up iPod Touch and iPhone glass.
  • Pentalobe Driver for iPhone bottom screws and MacBook Air.


This kit comes with everything needed to safely open most small electronic products (iPod, iPhone, Zune, PDA). Don't take a chance at breaking your iPod even more, simply buy the toolkit so you are able to make professional repairs easy.


  • Please be sure to apply steady force when using the T-4 Star Driver. If you do not apply pressure to the screws you can strip them very easily.
  • Need additional tools? Simply contact us and we will give you a discount.