ThinSkin Screen Protector for iPod Nano

ThinSkin Screen Protector for iPod Nano

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Protect the screen of your iPod Nano with our ThinSkin (All-Clear) screen protector.

  • Always have a fresh protector on your iPod to protect against dust and scratches and to eliminate glare.
  • Compatibility: iPod Nano 1st Gen
  • Includes 1 protector, designed for perfect fit with the Nano's front, back, wheel, and button
  • Offers tough, durable, transparent surface while keeping the LCD screen clean and unscratched
  • Attaches smoothly with self-adhering surface; leaves no residue when removed
  • Includes Lint-free Cleaning Cloth
  • 0.25 mm thick high quality PDA protection film
  • Suitable for heavy duty use
  • Durable, Anti-UV, Anti-Scratch, Anti-Dust
  • Naturally mild adhesive, can be removed and applied as many times as you want!
  • Can be washed with clear plain water in between


Installation: Available as Self-Installed part or for Professional installation.