iPod nano 3Gen + 5Gen

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iPod nano 3Gen + 5Gen

Post by RogerTenFour » October 7th, 2010, 11:19 pm

Hello friends,

I'm new to this forum and just wanted to vent about Apple's continued excellence in iPods but disregard for features.

I have a iPod nano 3rd Generation which is the best iPod IMHO as far as size is concerned. With its almost square shape, it fits in your palm just right and doesn't have the anodized surface that slips in your grasp like the new iPods. I had the ill fortune to drop it in a pool but recovered its full usage except for the backlight of the screen going kaput. Even in its wounded state, the iPod was fantastic.

Being the idiot that I am, I attempted to break open the case to install a new screen, which became a certified disaster. Not only did I install the new screen incorrectly (thanks YouTube repair videos), but I ended up using a screwdriver to pry open the case (scratches galore!). So my iPod was officially dead.

About a year later, I got the iPod nano 5th Generation that had a skinny rectangular shape and anodized aluminum finish, which was a radical design change from the 3rd Generation. But my interest was piqued at the inclusion of a camera / mic combo, speaker, and FM radio. Although those features were not top of the line at any rate, (you know Apple!) I felt like they had the right features down but not the right design. I bought it anyway.

I still dream about a marriage between the 3rd Gen and 5th Gen with a nice square case, camera / mic, speaker, and FM radio. Does anybody know if it is possible to cannibalize the 5th Generation's camera/mic, internal speaker, and FM radio and somehow install it in the 3rg Generation's case with a few modifications, or is it too complex a transfer?

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Re: iPod nano 3Gen + 5Gen

Post by Justin » October 8th, 2010, 12:27 pm

I've never heard of someone attempting this, probably because it is just too complex. Maybe someone else will post with ideas for you, but all I can say is good luck, and if you manage to build these make sure to post pics!

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