Blank screen after lcd replacement

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Blank screen after lcd replacement

Post by meteorsga » May 15th, 2013, 6:35 pm

Last fall I allowed my son, who had worked at a cell-phone repair shop, to replace the battery in my iPod touch 3G. He accomplished this, but he was rushed and dropped the LCD screen. When reassembled, everything worked but the screen was dim and, um, unenjoyable. He happily stated I could order a new LCD screen and since I had watched him doing the work, I could "easily" replace it myself. I ordered the screen but (wisely, up until this weekend) I refrained from attempting the replacement. But I got up the false nerve Sunday and watched a you-tube video and told myself, "This is do-able."

Everything went reasonably well until I went to turn it on. Nothing seemed to happen. I put the old screen back in, thinking maybe I had a bad screen. Long story short, nothing was happening with either screen. I plugged the ipod into my PC and lauched itunes. Itunes told me it recognized an " 'iPhone' in recovery mode" but when I clicked to restore it, it said I needed a newer version of itunes to restore it, but I have the newest version.

I have tried the step of holding down the on button and the home button, BTW. The screen just won't light up. I feel so sick right now... I also downloaded firmware for it and did a [shift + click] from the itunes recovery screen which allowed me to navigate to and attempt to update the firmware but itunes merely told me it was not the correct firmware for the device. It was firmware for the 3rd G.

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Re: Blank screen after lcd replacement

Post by RapidRepair » December 6th, 2013, 3:35 pm

You can always send it into Rapid Repair for a free diagnostic.

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