Errors when backing up iPod Classic

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Errors when backing up iPod Classic

Post by King Jaffe Joffers » January 20th, 2014, 4:57 pm


I'm attempting to backup all of the music from my 80GB iPod Classic to my Windows Vista computer. My old computer (the one originally with the backed up music) died on me, so iTunes wont backup music from my iPod to the computer. So I am forced to either use a 3rd party transfer software or transfer the music from the iPod's file system. Attempting a backup either of these ways results in errors that prevent the computer from transfering 95% of the music. The 3rd party software offers no information about the error, but copy/pasting from the iPod file system to the PC returns the following errors:

error code 0x80070022 (first error message)
error code 0x80070057 (subsequent error messages)

I've tried restarting both the PC and iPod, and I've also tried the transfer in safe mode. Both attempts have not solved this problem. I've also googled this problem and have found little help.


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Re: Errors when backing up iPod Classic

Post by RapidRepair » February 20th, 2014, 6:16 pm

Try and remove the hard drive, and buy an external enclosure that will work with the drive. Plug this in to the PC and see if you can browse the files in W explorer. If this doesnt work I suggest running a scan on the drive to be sure it doesnt have too many bad sectors. There are several apps out there that will scan a drive for SMART data. You can also go into the diagnostics menu of the iPod to check the health of the drive, google the button combo for your model.

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