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How to fix a collapsed partition?

Posted: April 28th, 2012, 2:16 pm
by oz10k

I've got an iPod classic, 160GB with hard drive issues. Briefly, if you restore it, it works up to a point. You can get a couple of gig of songs on it and all will be fine. But if you keep going you'll hear some whirring and chirping and everything will lock-up.

My computer is running XP SP3.

When this happens I can still put the iPod into disk mode. If you open a command prompt window and run chkdsk it will show multiple file errors. If you run chkdsk /R the errors will be corrected.

But then if you start putting music on it again, it will lock-up again after maybe 10 GB.

So I decided it would be best to reform the drive. To do that I had to discover the utility Fat32Formatter. But when I tried it, it stated that the partition had collapsed and that the drive needed to be initialized. I tried to use the initialize feature of Fat32Formatter, but still got the message that the partition had collapsed.

I then discovered EASEUS Partition Master. If I understand it correctly, it's reporting that there is no partition on the drive, all of the disk space is "unallocated".

I'm currently running a surface test, which has been running for about 2 hours, but will take an estimated
additional 3 hours to finish.

Reading the users guide (I haven't yet tried it), once the surface test is done, I have to select the unallocated space and
create a partition. Then I have to format that partition as FAT32.

Does that make sense to you? I've done a lot of forum reading, and I frequently hear about formatting the drive, but rarely do I see posts that talk about the need to create (or re-create?) a partition.

Also, to create a partition I'll be prompted for some information that I'm not sure I know how to answer. The questions are (along with how I think I should answer):

- Partition label -- ?
- Drive letter -- ?
- Cluster size -- ?
- Partition size -- all of the unallocated space
- Partition type -- primary
- File System Format -- FAT32

In particular I find the Drive letter confusing. If I was creating multiple logical drives, then it makes sense. But that's not the case. Again, so far I've just been reading the users guide, maybe when I try it the field won't apply when the partition type is primary. FYI, when the iPod is connected to my computer it's displayed as drive N:.

And now I'm also wondering if I've lost the Master Boot Record. Any ideas how I'll be able to tell?

And if I have to reload it, any ideas where I can get it and how to reload it?


Re: How to fix a collapsed partition?

Posted: May 7th, 2012, 10:23 pm
by oz10k
I'm happy to say that I repartitioned the drive this weekend. So far (knock on wood) it's working fine.

I can strongly recommend EaseUS Partition Master!

It allowed me to select 100 GB of the drive (the surface test starting failing just a bit beyond that point), specify the partition as primary and FAT32 reformat it.

I used the default cluster size, I believe it was 64K. I left the partiton label blank (it was optional). I picked the Drive letter as N. When I was done, the iPod name was N:\, but it was easy to change.

There were no problems with the Master Boot Record.