Questions about Palm Pre Repair Guide

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Questions about Palm Pre Repair Guide

Post by Frank » June 8th, 2009, 12:33 pm


I've looked with interest at your Palm Pre guide and I've got two questions :
  • I saw that a lots of blog linking to your guide talk about a cost of 170$ per phone but I don't see any reference about this in your guide. Do people dreamed about it or does the cost has been removed afterward ?
  • can you post a picture of the GPS chip or give the part name ?
Thanks in advance for your answer.



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Re: Questions about Palm Pre Repair Guide

Post by cheyennemtn » June 9th, 2009, 10:45 am

I was looking at the pics of the Palm Pre's motherboard, CPU etc,. I've been looking for pics that might explain the numerous reports of a possible heat problem with the Pre thats causing discoloration (white/yellowing) in the corners of the screen. Mostly at the bottom. These are being reported at at this link: ... 19249.html Please don't hesitate to come and visit this forum/thread and provide your expertise.
I thought I'd post a couple pics from this site of the inside of the Pre at I will also post a couple pics here of the problem people are reporting from there. I was hoping an expert here might point out the area on the Pre board where the problem areas might be located that is causing this discoloraton on the Palm Pre screen. I appreciate your feedback. Image
This pic is from the repair guide page here at
Image Thank You.

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