Itunes won't open!?!

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Itunes won't open!?!

Post by jkells2507 » December 25th, 2006, 7:22 pm

I have just recently purchased a 4 Gig ipod nano.
before i purchased my ipod i already had itunes ver. 6 (not sure about what version i had) and it worked and played music but i couldnt use it with my ipod because it said the ipod requires to have itunes version 7.0.2
i upgraded my itunes and it said it was successful but when i click on my icon all i get is an hourglass for a few seconds and the itunes icon blinks for a split second
i tried deleting everything and reinstalling it all but it still does the same thing
about a year ago i completely rebooted my computer too if that would help you any
Please help! :?:

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Post by ripper » January 12th, 2007, 3:42 pm

I assume you're using Windows. If, in fact, you haven't rebooted your computer in a year, then you'd probably want to reboot it and try again. I assume you're confusing the term "reboot" with "reinstalling windows", in that a reboot is simply turning off your computer and turning it back on.

I would uninstall any versions of iTunes that may still be on there AND uninstall all versions of iPod Updater. Then reboot (power off, then back on) your computer and install iTunes 7.

If that doesn't work, then something is corrupted in Windows and you should reinstall it.

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