Trouble with ios 6 upgrade

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Trouble with ios 6 upgrade

Post by Iamlegend3423 » September 22nd, 2012, 9:24 pm

Ok ... Yesterday I decided to upgrade my iPhone 4 to the latest iOS 6 ... In theory this should have worked fine, I am running the latest iTunes version, I have backed up the phone ... So it's good to go.

The first time it seemed to time out ... So I clicked ok at the error message and it promoted to start the process again. It took some time so I left it overnight and went to bed. When I woke ... Expecting to see the new funky operating system I was greeted with the I tunes / cable logos on the screen ... In iTunes on my laptop it was not recognizing my iPhone ... I even tried changing cables which didn't work.

I googled the issues and found lots of weird and wonderful things that have worked for everyone else, including :-

- delete and re install iTunes
- try new cable
- hold wake sleep button ... Unplug from laptop ... When apple icon appears re connect and hold home button which should put it in recovery mode
- restart computer repeatedly

In the end I have achieved nothing except getting frustrated with the whole process ... Wish I hadn't started .. Because I am on holidays and don't need the stress

I would appreciate some guidance and expert advice on how to get this fixed ... I'm currently in Grafton so don't have an apple store anywhere in sight ..

Helppppppppp !!!!!! ..... Please !!!!!

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Re: Trouble with ios 6 upgrade

Post by bvronko » September 30th, 2012, 9:01 pm

Look up directions on putting the unit into "DFU" mode. Once in DFU mode sync the device with iTunes and hit the restore button to re-install firmware. This may help but there is no guarantee. However if it doesn't work there is likely a hardware issue with the phone.

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