Compatibility Chart Update? Zune 30gb 1st Gen

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Compatibility Chart Update? Zune 30gb 1st Gen

Post by bdub13 » May 27th, 2014, 9:06 am

My Zune 1st Gen 30gb hard drive appears to be failing on me. It constantly freezes up in the middle of songs, will give error messages saying "file not found" in the middle of songs, has problems displaying meta-data, etc. I am wanting to (potentially) upgrade the hard drive to add storage space, but was hoping to got to 120gb. The compatibility chart seems to have been published in 2006. Have there been any updates available? I don't see the Toshiba MK1234GAL on the list (there is an MK1231GAL), and was hoping this might work for my Zune.

The MK1234GAL appears to have the ATA-7 Pata/ZIF connector, and the dimensions look suitable for the install without any modifications, but before I shell out the money, I would love to know that it would be compatible. Any guidance would be appreciated (or even an update on the potential for an upgrade to 160gb).


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Re: Compatibility Chart Update? Zune 30gb 1st Gen

Post by RapidRepair » July 17th, 2014, 12:01 pm

Largest for now is 100GB. I dont think we have found a way to go larger yet. I could be wrong but.


you may be able to get larger drives to work but you will need adapters and such.

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