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Zune30 HD upgrade w/o modification

Posted: March 29th, 2013, 10:44 am
by zuneGurl

I wish to upgrade my Zune30 to a higher capacity harddrive. I've taken it apart and feel comfortable with everything inside. However, my recent attempt to use a Toshiba MK8009GAH drive was disappointing. The drive didn't fit and the modification required seemed unstable. I was able to get it to work by removing part of the HD casing and the Zune harddrive/battery enclosure case, but I found this to be to much of a hack. The drive caused the back of the Zune30 to get really warm and I could feel the hardware shifting around inside the case.

What I am looking for is a HD that will require no modifications. I want to use the Zune30 harddrive/battery enclosure and I don't want to have to remove anything from the harddrive itself. Does such a solution exist that has a 60GB capacity?

I noticed the MK6008GAH is available from this website, but the text suggest that a minor modifcation will be necessary. What is this minor modification, I wonder.

Re: Zune30 HD upgrade w/o modification

Posted: April 10th, 2013, 1:33 pm
by bvronko
The 6008GAH hard drive would require the same modification as you described. We do offer a model of hard drive which is compatible and is the same thickness. This would be fully interchangeable with the existing 30GB hard drive you have. It is the 80GB single platter Samsung, here is a link to the product ... drive.html