Mixed Generation Ipod Questions

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Mixed Generation Ipod Questions

Post by PrismWuff » August 10th, 2006, 4:48 pm

Okay, so I have *probably* the stupidest modding Idea ever, but here it is-

I love the 3G interface, but want the color screen of 4th gen (video capacities of the latest ipod would be nice too).

So the question is, is it even possible?

Scenarios as I see them-

If possible, put a 4th Gen display into a 3rd Gen Ipod, and put the 4th Gen software on if the board supports it. I doubt this will work. (color only achieved here). However does anyone know the specs for this?

Take a current Ipod or just the color screen Ipod, knowing that the internals are smaller than a 3rd Gen case and therefore will at least fit inside (with potential securing needed due to extra space, but that's doable). Take the 3G case, and the wheel/interface and merge them with all the other parts from a new ipod. The problem here lies in multiple places- Will the screen size fit the 3g Case?
And the second and larger question- how to handle merging the interface.

I dont know anything about how the ipod boards etc work, so this is probably impossible and stupid, but i figured i'd ask.

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Post by AVronko » August 11th, 2006, 8:35 am

We wish this were a practical mod, because we too love the 3rd gen iPod interface, in fact it's my personal favorite. The form-factor and physical issues could be worked out, but the interface differences would require the development of complicated new circuitry and would not be practical.

Keep 'em coming! :idea:

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