iPod Nano (2nd Gen) Take-Apart-Guide

iPod Nano 2nd Generation Parts available here: iPod Nano 2G Parts


Step 1

Tools required:

  • Small Phillips Screw Driver
  • Small Flathead or exacto razor
  • A Safe Open Tool (maybe 2-3)
  • Complete Toolkit available HERE

  • Step 2

    You need to remove the bottom bezel 1st. Take a flat head or safe open case tool and slide it in the crack of the bottom. Be careful not to pry to hard or you will break the bezel where the dock port hole is. This bottom piece is held on with mild adhesive.

    Step 3

    Once the bottom panel is removed, take your + driver and remove the 2 visible screws.

    Step 4

    There is one other screw that is hidden under the headphone jack. You will not be able to remove the bottom metal dock bezel until this hidden screw is removed. Take the flathead and pull the headphone jack out very slowly &  carefully.

    Step 5

    Once the jack is out of the shell you will see the hidden screw. Make sure not to pull the jack out too far as it is still connected to the mainboard and clickwheel inside.

    Step 6

    Pic of headphone jack pulled out a little.

    Step 6

    Closer shot of Step 7 hidden screw.

    Step 7

    Remove the last screw in order to get the metal dock bezel out.

    Step 8

    Lift the metal dock bezel out so we can remove the clickwheel/headphone jack plug from the mainboard inside.

    Step 9

    Using a small razor or flathead you will see the plug on the inside bottom of the nano. Lift the plug up from the board very carefully. Now we will be able to push the contents of the nano up through the top after we complete step 11.

    Step 10

    We need to remove the top panel from the nano. Insert safe open case tool as in step 2. Make sure to insert tool closer to the side (not in the middle). you risk breaking the hold switch assembly if you jab the tool too far into the center. the top panel is held on with mild adhesive.

    Step 11

    Remove the 2 screws on the sides. Do NOT pull on the top hold switch assembly as it is attached to the board inside. This top metal bezel will come out when we push from the bottom up in step 12.

    Step 12

    Carefully take a flathead driver and insert inside the bottom of the unit (dock port). I like to rest the flat head on the metal side of the dock port. carefully push up until you feel the guts inside push through the top.

    Step 13

    We now have the internal components removed from the nano shell. The clickwheel is held in with stronger adhesive and we do not recommend removing unless you have the right tools to do so. The plastic screen window is also difficult to remove. We will have a replacement window available on Nano parts pages.

    Step 14

    Remove the LCD screen. This may be tricky to accomplish so be careful! The screen is attached to the inside metal frame bezel on 3 sides with mild adhesive. Carefully lift up a little on the screen side where the clip is on the front of the board. You may need to insert the razor blade between the back of the screen and the metal bezel to remove the adhesive which is keeping the screen in place. So go all around the screen and remove the back of the screen from the bezel. The only place you will need to run the blade is: right side, top side, and left side. Don't worry if the back white square comes of the back of the screen. You can tape this back on and the screen should be fine.

    Step 15

    After you have the screen pushed forward you can remove the LCD screen clip.

    Step 16

    Take your finger nail or flathead and lift up carefully on the black clip side.

    Step 17

    you can now remove the 2nd generation nano LCD screen.

    Step 18

    Back side of nano 2nd generation mainboard (logic board).

    Step 19

    Now we need to remove the battery. this step is not necessary if you plan to use the factory battery. If you want to upgrade your battery then you need to de-solder the old battery and solder a new one back in.

    Step 20

    Pull back on the metal frame bezel and pull forward on the battery at the same time. the battery is held on the metal frame with mild adhesive.

    Step 21

    Once the battery is removed from the frame we can de-solder it from the board.

    Step 22

    Warm up your soldering iron and remove the 3 points holding the battery on. you may need to scrape the connecting insulation of the contact points to remove all the solder and to make sure we have clean points to install the new battery.

    Step 23

    Grab the solder iron and insert in most comfortable hand ;)

    Step 24

    Easily lift up on the metal frame and un-stick it from the mainboard. We can now remove the battery.

    Step 25

    shows 3 battery contact points.

    Step 26

    From top to bottom: White, Red, Black. this is the order to solder the new battery wires on the board.

    We are all done, just go backwards to reassemble. Let us know if anything else should be added to this guide.