iPod Touch 2G Repair Guide


Welcome to the RapidRepair iPod Touch 2nd generation take-apart repair guide. Here we show (in nearly sickening detail) the internals of the new iPod Touch 2G and how to safely reach them in a few easy steps. Be sure to check our iPod Touch 2G parts pages for replacement iPod screens, batteries and more.

The Technician notes:
Although, there were some minor hardware updates, the specs on the major components remain the same in the new 2nd Generation iPod Touch.  The bigger changes are in its external appearance (see 3G iPhone), component layout, and basic construction.  The dock port and memory are all inclusive so you cannot replace just one; if the dock is damaged then a whole board must be replaced to repair it.  Also, the screws on this unit are all different sizes, so you should definitely take note of which goes where to prevent a headache during reassembly.  The glass digitizer is separate from the LCD so you can service both parts as needed like the new 3G iPhone, but if sharp tools are used in the wrong position then you will damage the glass seal around the front chrome bezel, so specialized tools are definitely needed to get the glass out.  Mild adhesive is employed to hold several modules together; with the system board, LCD, battery, headphone jack, and lock button all glued down.

The Technician states:
If the 1st Gen iTouch looked and felt like the 1st gen iPhone, then the 2nd Gen is the 3G iPhone’s fraternal twin.  It is nearly identical to the new iPhone in appearance, device construction, and component layout, even including the built-in volume control and external speaker.  In fact if you added baseband and GPS chips to this it might be hard to tell the difference.  Having all functions contained in the original Touch and a couple more, Apple is really maximizing the value in this category and showing no fear of cannibalizing sales of the iPhone while getting double-duty from its design dollars.


iPod Touch 2G Unit Prepare
  • Tools required:
  • Small Phillips Screw Driver
  • Small Flathead or exacto razor
  • Safe Open Tool
  • Repair Toolkit available HERE
  • Gather all neccesary tools and place your iPod Touch 2G on a clean flat surface, use a soft cloth or towel to place under it.


    iPod Touch 2G Front



    Same old usual suspects: earbuds, dock adapter, USB cable, manual, and cleaning cloth.

    What a nice looking iPod Touch 2G!

    iPod Touch 2G Backing


    Picture of the backing, this Touch is very thin and shiny!



    iPod Touch 2G LCD Clip


    Step 1

    Using the safe open case tool, insert into the gap between the rubber seal on the front panel glass and the chrome ring bezel.

    There are clips holding the front panel glass in place that can be popped up using the plastic spudger tools.

    Be very careful not to rip the glass off too fast or you will break some ribbons.

    you have to unclip the Digitizer ribbon from the board in this step before you take the glass off entirely.



    iPod Touch 2G Opened

    Step 1 Cont.

    Now that you have the glass off, we can take a look at the internals. Hopefully you were able to get the glass off without to much trouble. Now we need to start removing screws.

    iPod Touch 2G Top Board

    Step 2

    Remove the 3 phillips screws that are visible in this step.

    Note: it may be a good idea to set the screws you are removing on a piece of tape mirroring the location of where they were removed from. A lot of the screws in here are not the same size so it may be difficult to recall where they go after this is apart.

    iPod Touch 2G Dock Board

    Step 3

    Remove 4 more phillips screws in this step noting where they were taken from.

    iPod Touch 2G LCD Clip 2

    Step 4

    Using the razor, pop the LCD clip off from the board.

    iPod Touch 2G LCD Lifted

    Step 5

    The LCD module is held in place with mild adhesive. You can lift up on this and slowly remove the LCD screen from the metal back plate.

    iPod Touch 2G LCD Plate

    Step 6

    Seven more phillips screws need to be removed from the LCD metal back plate.

    iPod Touch 2G

    Step 7

    Now that most of the screws have been removed, you can lift the metal plate to expose the battery and other internals. Be very careful not to rip apart any of the ribbon cables.

    iPod Touch 2G Internals

    Step 8

    Using the safe open case tool, remove the battery from the metal plate. The battery is held in place with mild adhesive.

    iPod Touch 2G Hidden Screw

    Step 9

    There is one hidden screw under the black tape. You will need to remove this screw before you can completely remove the mainboard.

    Note: Its always good to remember a simple fact, if something isnt coming out properly or easily, there is probably a screw holding it in place!

    iPod touch 2G Mainboard

    Step 10

    Now that all the screws have been removed you can lift all of the internals out from the rear case. The larger orange ribbon cable is held to the rear case with adhesive. Make sure to go very slow and remove this with caution. If you tear this cable you have to purchase a new board (EXPENSIVE!)



    iPod Touch 2G Mainboard

    Step 11

    Picture illustrating the underside of the logic board. The center is most likely the speaker, and the memory chip is located under this part.

    iPod Touch 2G Backing

    Step 12

    Removing the Power button and volume button.

    iPod touch 2G Buttons

    Step 13

    There are 2 more screws that can be removed at this point. The small ribbon cable is taped down, make sure to remove all screws before tugging on this small cable.

    iPod Touch 2G Buttons

    Step 14 - FINISHED

    Enjoy trying to put this back together! simply follow the steps in reverse. Thanks for looking!

    Part numbers:

    Battery: APN 616-0399, VPN P11G74-01-S01

    Headphone jack: UFK0830041

    Front Panel: unknown

    LCD Screen: unknown

    Digitizer: 821-0627-A

    Mainboard: 820-2470-01

    Speaker 1: 821-0675-02

    Logic board cable: 821-0719-02