iPod Nano 4G Repair Guide


Welcome to the RapidRepair iPod Nano 4th generation take-apart repair guide. Here we show (in nearly sickening detail) the internals of the new iPod Nano 4G and how to safely reach them in a few easy steps. Be sure to check our iPod Nano 4G parts pages for replacement iPod screens, batteries and more.

The Technician notes:
There are a several major hardware updates and design changes in the new 4th Generation iPod Nano.  The lens over the LCD is now glass instead of plastic, and instead of being glued in place, it is held by a recess inside the case and pressure from the LCD screen.  The design of the parts inside and how they connect has been changed.  The CW, LCD and hold switch interconnects are easily damaged, especially without experience servicing the unit.  If you plan on working on this unit yourself, make sure you are extra careful during the disassembly process!

The Technician states:
It seems as if Apple cannot decide on a design for the iPod Nano.  They have done away with the shorter, wider 3rd Generation “Nano Fatty” in favor of the 2nd Generation form factor, but with a “fish-shaped” top view.  They have kept the 3rd gen video capability alive with the addition of the tilt feature, so you can turn the unit to its side to watch video.  While the outside may look like a revision of an earlier iPod Nano model, the inside has been completely revamped.  Apple changed the chips used, the features offered, and layout of the parts.  The layout of the hardware seems to be an almost overt attempt to make the 4th Gen Nano nearly impossible to service without the experience of a professional.  Overall, it looks like a cool new unit, that is very different from its predecessors and Apple is showing that it really hasn’t found a design they love enough to stick with.


Nano4G Box Prepare
  • Tools required:
  • Small Phillips Screw Driver
  • Small Flathead or exacto razor
  • Safe Open Tool
  • Repair Toolkit available HERE
  • Gather all neccesary tools and place your iPod Nano 4G on a clean flat surface, use a soft cloth or towel to place under it.


    Nano 4G Contents


    Same old usual suspects: earbuds, dock adapter, USB cable, and manual.

    What a nice looking iPod Nano (Silver in case your color blind.)



    iPod Nano 4G Top

    Step 1

    Using the razor, pop the top bezel off to expose the iPod. (You can also use a plastic spudge tool)



    iPod Nano 4G Top Exposed


    Step 1 Cont.

    Top of the iPod Nano 4G exposed.



    iPod Nano 4G Bottom

    Step 2

    As we did in step 1, take the blade and pop the bottom bezel off to expose the bottom of the Nano.

    iPod Nano Bottom Exposed

    Step 3

    There are 2 phillips screws that need to be removed in this step (they are visible). Pop the dock module out and remove one last screw.

    iPod Nano 4G window Removal

    Step 4

    Before you push the screen out, remove the switch button and leave it loose. This is very important so you dont snap the cable. The window proved difficult to remove at 1st. All you have to do is apply pressure on the bottom of the window, slide down and in and it should pop out from the top.

    Now we can remove the LCD clip. The LCD clip is actually manufactured directly on the screen itself. This is the 1st time we have seen the clip on the LCD instead of the mainboard.

    iPod Nano 4G LCD Screen

    Step 4 Cont.

    Just a glance at the LCD and glass window.

    Apple really beefed up the lens on this new Nano 4G. This adds protection against drops so you wont have to replace your LCD. (bad for us, good for you!)

    LCD screen ID tags: NWP74-MAB70111

    iPod Nano 4G Mainboard Removal

    Step 5

    Just a few sub steps prior to pushing the board out through the bottom:

    • use the razor to pry the battery up from the case.
    • Push the board towards the bottom of the casing to expose the clickwheel clip. *This must be removed or you will snap the cable.
    • Now you can push the board out of the bottom of the unit.
    iPod Nano 4G Mainboard Module

    Step 5 Cont.

    Close-up of the Nano 4G Mainboard. Apple made this little toy difficult to service.

    Most of the parts are either glued or soldered together.

    Some parts that can be replaced include: battery, headphone jack, hold switch, LCD screen, glass lens window, clickwheel, and case.

    Just look at that beautiful black 8GB chip from Toshiba.

    Clicker PN: 821-0700-02

    Mainboard 8GB PN: 820-2345-05

    iPod Nano 4G Battery

    Step 6

    Shot of the battery, very thin and compact. Apple really knows how to effectively use space! Apple claims this bad boy will play your tunes for 24 hours straight. Not bad!!

    Apple part number: 616-0405

    VPN: P11G73-01-S01

    Please dont burn me! Recycle!

    iPod Nano 4G Clickwheel

    Step 7 - FINISHED

    Clickwheel module is removed easily by applying pressure towards the inside of the case. Use your thumb and push it into the back wall of the inside casing. This removal is firmiliar to the Nano 2G.

    Enjoy trying to put this back together! simply follow the steps in reverse. Thanks for looking!