iPod Classic 2G Repair Guide


Welcome to the RapidRepair iPod Classic 2nd generation take-apart repair guide. Here we show (in nearly sickening detail) the internals of the new iPod Classic 2G and how to safely reach them in a few easy steps. Be sure to check our iPod Classic 2G parts pages for replacement iPod screens, batteries and more.

The Technician notes:
There are a several minor hardware updates in a familiar shape in the new iPod Classic 120GB.  The new Classic is the same size and has the same form factor as its predecessor.  However, with the exception of the LCD, most sub-components inside the new classic are slightly updated from the versions used in the previous Classic.  Despite the visual and minor series updates, we found that all parts from both models are forwards and backwards compatible.  The unit is still very difficult to open, so novice DIY’s might want to think twice about it and send it in…

The Technician states:
Unlike the latest iPod Touch and Nano, it seems as if Apple has found a design it really likes with the full-sized iPod Classic.  Not only is it an aesthetic twin from its release a year earlier, but the hardware used and functions provided have not seen any significant changes either.  Also worth noting, this 6th generation iPod, has a nearly identical form factor and component design/layout to the 5.5th gen of two years ago and the 5th gen from 3 years ago.  This suggests Apple and its customers have been very happy with this mature design.


iPod Classic 2G Box Prepare
  • Tools required:
  • Small Phillips Screw Driver
  • Small Flathead or exacto razor
  • Safe Open Tool
  • Repair Toolkit available HERE
  • Gather all neccesary tools and place your iPod Classic 2G on a clean flat surface, use a soft cloth or towel to place under it.


    iPod Classic 2G Unit


    Same old usual suspects: earbuds, dock adapter, USB cable, and manual.

    What a nice looking iPod Classic (Black in case your color blind.)



    iPod Classic 2G Opened

    Step 1

    Using the razor, insert into the gap between the backing and front panel. (You can also use a plastic spudge tool or three.)



    iPod Classic 2G Battery Plug


    Step 2

    Take the razor and remove the battery from the molex plug on the mainboard. This clip lifts up easily allowing you to unplug the ribbon cable.



    iPod Classic 2G Board Exposed

    Step 3

    With the battery disconnected we can flip the Toshiba 120GB MK1231GAL drive out of the unit.

    Remove the clip for the drive, LCD, headphone jack, and clickwheel at this point. Set aside the back panel now.

    Apple has really saved on costs by developing some of the chips onboard as shown.

    iPod Classic 2G side Screws

    Step 4

    There are 6 phillips screws that need to be removed in this step (they are visible, 3 on each side).

    After the screws are removed, pull the silver frame away from the front panel.

    iPod Classic 2G Internals

    Step 4 Cont.

    Picture showing the clickwheel and board with frame. The LCD should have been removed already.

    Clickwheel part number: ASSY#631-0457


    iPod Classic 2G LCD & Back Panel

    Step 4 Cont.

    Just a glance at the LCD and back panel.


    iPod Classic Mainboard Front

    Step 5

    The board is held on with 2 phillips screws located right next to the center button. After these screws are removed, you can separate the board from the frame.

    iPod Classic Mainboard Only

    Step 5 Cont.

    Close-up of the Classic 2G Mainboard.

    iPod Classic 2G MK1231GAL 120GB HD

    Step 6

    Shot of the new drive (we had this single platter drive long before the release of the new Classic 2G ;))

    Toshiba part number: MK1231GAL

    Now I wonder where that dual platter 240GB drive is at???

    iPod Classic 2G Back Panel

    Step 7 - FINISHED

    If you need to remove the battery and headphone jack, simply peel them up from the mild strength adhesive on the back panel.

    Enjoy trying to put this back together! simply follow the steps in reverse. Thanks for looking!

    Part numbers:

    Battery: APN 616-0412, VPN GB-S10-642046-0500

    Hold SW: 821-0399-01

    Headphone jack: FOXLINK 632-0371

    120GB IDE Cable: 821-0728-01

    Front Panel: FOXCONN 805-7971-A

    LCD Screen: NWP74-MAA4A121

    Clickwheel: 821-0545-A

    Mainboard: 820-2437-A