From the Bench of Rapid Repair...
Thank you for taking the time to look this information over.  As a fellow member of the extended iPod community, I’m sure you realize the importance of networking and collaborating with other great companies that support this important market segment.

What We Do: 
Rapid Repair repairs, services, and “distinguishes” iPods, iPhones, iPads, Zunes, Kindles, HTC's and other portable electronics.  iPod owners looking to “distinguish” can choose from several cool LCD modifications or custom iVue covers.  We service all iPod (with screens), iPad, Zune, & iPhone models, and fix all issues.  We also have parts available for the do-it-yourself types. We service some parts for the Amazon Kindle, and other smart phones as well. 

Who We Are:
Quick Tech LLC is incorporated in the state of Michigan. Our founders have been using and repairing iPods since the inception years ago, and we have been offering our services to the public via our website at (formerly ipodmods) since March of 2004.

Why We Do It:
When the sound on our first iPod started to falter, we thought, “somebody should do something about this...” and we did.  Now, years later we’re using that same reasoning to reach everyone in need of our services.  Because of our unique inspiration and focus on iPods, iPads, Zunes, & iPhones, we are able to offer unmatched technical expertise along with friendly personal service.