240GB Hard Drive for iPod Video & Classic (MK2431GAH) HDD1905

240GB Hard Drive for iPod Video & Classic (MK2431GAH) HDD1905

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  • UPDATE** We have a shipment of drives coming in shortly. This will be the LAST shipment we get so be sure to purchase this while you can.
  • If making payment by credit card, additional information may be required for international customers and the billing address must match the shipping address.
  • Making payment by PayPal is the easiest way to get this drive shipped out same day.
  • Drive comes with 2x Nylon opening tools, and a ThinSkin screen protector to cover your LCD screen.
  • This drive is a dual platter 8mm drive. If you have a thin backing then you will have to purchase an thicker backing (available for a discounted price above).
  • You can also order a discounted front panel along with your drive to make that iPod brand new again!
  • This drive will ONLY work in the iPod Video (5.0 & 5.5G 60GB & 80GB) & the late 2009 model iPod Classic 160GB thin form factor.
  • Please call in to ask any questions prior to purchasing this drive. 1.888.763.6637.
  • Get a replacement Hard Disk Drive for your iPod Video Gen 2. Toshiba 240GB MK2431GAH 8mm dual platter Hard Drive HDD1905.
  • Due to short supply and availability we have been forced to raise the price of this product, we apologize for the inconveinence.


Compatibility: This drive will only have the full 240GB capacity when installed in one of two compatible models; either the 5th Gen iPod Video (60GB & 80GB) OR in 7th gen iPod Classic 160GB 2009 model (2007 is not compatible.)

Toshiba, the pioneer in small form factor hard disk drives (HDDs), continues to deliver innovative storage solutions with the addition of a new series of PATA 1.8-inch HDDs. The new single-platter (80GB/120GB) and dual-platter (240GB) 4200RPM HDD models deliver the highest capacity along with leading areal density for integration into portable media players, camcorders and ultra-mobile PCs. The 1.8-inch MKxx31GAL HDD series uses a new mechanical and firmware design for enhanced durability, making the drives well suited for slim-line mobile gadgets and PC applications. Design elements incorporated in the MK2431GAH optimize power efficiency to new levels with a 33-percent overall improvement in energy consumption efficiency** over Toshiba's previous generation two-platter, 160GB, 3600RPM 1.8-inch model.