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120GB Hard Drive Samsung SpinPoint N2

120GB Hard Drive Samsung SpinPoint N2

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Get a replacement Hard Disk Drive for your 5th Generation iPod with Video (Revision 1 or 2).  This item is a brand new Samsung SpinPoint N2 Hard Drive and will work in ALL iPod Video units. Samsung 120GB SpinPoint N2 Hard Drive for 5th Gen iPod w/ Video.


This item is compatible with All iPod Video, and can be used to UPGRADE a 30/60/80GB iPod Video to a 120GB iPod Video. This does require a larger backing for the iPod if you are upgrading a 30GB to a 120GB. We may substitute a Toshiba drive with the same specs if we are out of the Samsung drive.


To check and see which revision  you have, simply browse to the settings on your iPod and click on "About". If your model number matches any of the ones below then you can upgrade your iPod Video to a 120GB drive:

Fifth-Enhanced (5.5G) Generation (Video)

   * 30GB white: MA444LL/A

   * 30GB black: MA446LL/A

   * 80GB white: MA448LL/A

   * 80GB black: MA450LL/A

Fifth (5.0G) Generation (Video)

  * 30GB white: MA002LL/A

   * 30GB black: MA146LL/A

   * 60GB white: MA003LL/A

   * 60GB black: MA147LL/A

   * 30GB U2: MA452LL/A



Chalk-up two more this morning with the world's highest capacity 1.8- and 2.5-inch hard disk drives. We already knew they were working a 250GB version of their 2.5-inch, SATA 1.5Gbps (and PATA) SpinPoint M5 spinning at 5,400rpm. It'll bring an 8MB cache, 24dB whine when idle, 2W power consumption, and 12-ms average seek time when it hits later in the month. According to Samsung, that makes this the largest 2.5-inch disk in a 9.5-mm profile -- whatever. The newly announced 1.8-inch SpinPoint N2 however, brings a world's first 120GB capacity to portable handheld devices like UMPCs (pictured) and perhaps -- if Sammy is real lucky -- future iPods. As such, the N2 spins at 3,600rpm or 4,200rpm with a 15-ms average seek and sub-1W power consumption to help keep your portable device, portable. Production of the 1.8-incher begins in July although we're pretty sure they're already providing samples to OEMs. Hear that Apple? Your 80GB iPod is starting to smell a bit stale. At least toss in a 100GB Toshiba disk for all those movies you're trying to sell us.

Taken from http://www.engadget.com for informative purposes only.

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