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Music and Data Recovery for iPod

Music and Data Recovery for iPod

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Price: $75.00
Weight: 0.10 pounds
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Need help backing up your entire iPod? Have you lost your precious music? iPod Data/Music Recovery is available for customers that need help retrieving this information from the hard drive inside the iPod. This service is available for ALL iPod models.


Cost is determined by the amount of space your hard drive holds (You can easily find this on the back plate of your iPod. Example: 40GB). Starting at only $75 for the 1st DVD disc (each disc holds 4GB). Every additional disc will be $25. There is a $75 non-refundable attempt fee if the data is not recoverable. Most data recovery providers in the US charge anywhere from $3000-$9000 per job with attempt fees starting at $800.



Additional Info:

For this service you must send your iPod to our facilities, you may send the whole iPod or simply the hard drive.

Step 1: Order the iPod Data/Music Recovery service.

Step 2: Send your iPod or bare drive to our Repair Service Center using your own packaging. Instructions on where to send your iPod will be sent to your E-mail address after you complete the order. Please make sure you turn your junk mail filter off so you are able to receive messages from Rapid Repair.

Step 3: Once received, a PC Technician will start the recovery. We will contact you when the process is underway.

Rapid Repair | iPod Repair, iPhone Repair, Batteries, LCD Screens and more