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Lifetime Battery for iPod, iPhone & Zune

Lifetime Battery for iPod, iPhone & Zune

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iPod, iPhone & Zune Platinum Battery Program (Lifetime Battery Replacement Service):  

Tired of hearing about the iPod, iPhone & Zune battery problems? We have a solution for you with our Lifetime Battery Replacement Service. The average battery has a life span of about 500 charge cycles. After a year of average use, your battery will show signs of fatigue.

Rapid Repair is pleased to offer the Platinum Battery program for most iPod, iPhone & Zune customers.

Models included in the program:

iPod Models: All iPod models (except Shuffle)
Microsoft Zune models: All Zune models
iPhone models: All iPhone models

Professional Installation Fees:

Installation fees & return shipping are due every time we replace your battery in-house. You can choose self installation and you will not be charged any installation fees, only shipping fees each time we send a new battery to you.

Current professional installation fees can be found in the drop down above.

Once you buy the iPod, iPhone or Zune Platinum Battery Service, we'll replace your battery for as long as you own your device (once every 12 months)! Simply purchase the Platinum Battery service and select an installation option (self installation or Rapid Repair professional installation). Once your device has been received, we will install a brand new battery. When your device shows signs of battery strain after another 12 months, you'll be able to send it back to Rapid Repair for a fully juiced replacement. The complete Platinum Battery terms and conditions can be seen below.

Please call us at 1.888.763.6637 for any additional questions. All batteries come with a full one year warranty so if it needs to be replaced early, just send it back for a no-hassle replacement!

If you prefer to install the battery, we will gladly mail the battery to you for an easy fix. Simply select the Self Installation option from the dropdown box above. Future replacement batteries can be mailed out in the same fashion, all you pay is shipping.


Terms And Conditions:  

The Rapid Repair iPod Platinum Battery Program is subject to the following terms and conditions:

This program includes installation of a new high capacity battery, with equal or higher charging capacity than the original OEM manufacturer battery supplied with a new device. Replacement battery service is available once per 12 month period as long as the original purchaser (with name order is placed under) of the service owns the device. The Service is non-transferable and is only valid for use by the original purchaser of the service.

A return shipping fee will be charged to the original customer each time a future battery replacement is performed by Rapid Repair (charges are based on our current shipping rates). Some batteries carry an installation charge, if you are selecting prefessional installation please be aware that you will be charged for this install fee if applicable.

Please contact Rapid Repair via email with your name or order number for future battery replacements

Battery replacements are performed during normal business hours Monday-Friday 9AM-6PM EST.

Terms subject to change without notice, improper installation of our batteries may void all warranties. Damage caused to any device as a result of improper installation of our batteries are not covered by our warranty. All batteries purchased under the Platinum Program carry a limited one year warranty and protect against defects.

Rapid Repair | iPod Repair, iPhone Repair, Batteries, LCD Screens and more