80G ipod video w/ no audio

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80G ipod video w/ no audio

Postby moendave » October 8th, 2008, 9:43 pm

Hey folks,
long story short. Audio only plays (headphone or docking port) when the ipod is very cold (either left in the fridge, or placed in front of the car A/C vent with A/C on high.) As the ipod warms up i start getting a screetching, static-like noise before audio quits completely. Now this is the part i really don't understand. When the audio has quit, i can bring back the static noise and brief moments of proper audio by rubbing a plastic bag around the click wheel (a ziploc brand sandwich bag seems to work best) and if i hold the FF button it will sometimes sound like it's fast forwarding normally. All other functions seem to work properly. My biggest concern is whether i should even think about repairing it or just looking into a refurbished job because based on some of the similar complaints on the forum i think i'm at least looking at a mainboard and labour. Your thoughts?
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Re: 80G ipod video w/ no audio

Postby bvronko » October 17th, 2008, 10:11 am

Unfortunately Dave that will be exactly what you're looking at. What has happened is the audio processor on the motherboard is defective. In you case it sounds like the chip is coming loose from the motherboard and so when you apply pressure to the front panel it temporarily fixes it. It is pretty much impossible to replace the chip only, so yes you would need a motherboard replacement.
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