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 Microsoft Zune Flash Gen 2 16GB Take-Apart


RapidRepair has completed the new Zune Flash 2G 16GB disassembly guide.  With the slicing and dicing complete, you need only look down to see the flash-based Zune 16GB in all its glory.


Zune Flash box Prepare
  • Tools required:
  • Tri-wing
  • Small Flathead or exacto razor
  • Safe Open Tool
  • Repair Toolkit available HERE
  • Gather all neccesary tools and place your Zune Flash on a clean flat surface, use a soft cloth or towel to place under it.


    Zune Flash Unit


    Same old usual suspects: headphones, inserts, USB cable, and manual.

    What a nice looking Gloss black finish.



    Zune Flash Top


    Step 1

    Prior to disassembly you must remove the top plastic insert in order to access the 2 Tri-Wing screws on the top of the unit.

    Now we can concentrate on removing the anodized aluminum backing. Slide the safe open case tool in the small gap between the front and back to free the back panel.

    If you break the retaining side clips off the backing, just superglue these back on.



    Zune Flash Opened

    Step 2

    After the backing comes off we have a partial view of the internals.

    Now we can remove the next 3 Tri-Wing screws to access the memory board underneath.

    This dock board houses the components for the wireless, headphone jack, dock port, etc.

    Zune Flash Board Removal

    Step 3

    After the 3 screws are out, we can remove the communications board.

    Be sure to lift the communications  board up carefully and pop the clip off the flat cable so we can set this board aside.

    Zune Flash Memoy Board

    Step 4

    Like the iPod, many of the internals on the Zune Flash gen2 are held on with mild adhesive. Looks like Microsoft has been taking notes on Apple!

    Simply pry the battery from the plate with your safe open case tool. The wireless antennae assembly also can be peeled off at this point.

    We now have access to the one remaining Tri-Wing screw still on the memory board. (short screw)


    Zune Flash Frmae Removed

    Step 4 Cont.

    In order to remove the center frame we need to depress 2 clips on the side of the outer plastic frame. Once this is complete we can remove the memory board and the LCD screen.

    The LCD is held in place with one plastic clip, simply pop the clip open to remove the screen.

    Picture of the center frame removed. This board sports 2x 8GB flash memory chips.

    The Zune 2 LCD screen can easy be removed now, turn the frame upside down, pop the LCD clip up, then gently tug on the LCD ribbon to remove.

    Note that the battery can be removed with a steady hand and a solder iron.


    Zune Flash LCD

    Step 5

    Picture of the Zune gen2 Flash LCD screen. A single driver setup most likely from the same manufacturer as the original Zune.

    If you are having trouble removing the screen, note that the area where the ribbon is clipped on the board has mild adhesive.

    Zune Flash Board

    Step 6

    Memory board and battery loose from the center frame.

    Zune Flash Front Panel

    Step 7

    Front panel with squirkle interface. Microsoft thought it would be a good idea to make this part non replaceable.

    There are 3 plastic pegs which are melted down which make it difficult to replace, but not impossible.

    A poor design from a RapidRepair standpoint!

    Zune Flash Complete

    Step 8 Finished!

    The compact new design of the Zune 2 Flash is a remarkable innovation. We will continue to add support and repair parts for the Zune Flash gen2 lineup.

    Please use this guide for all DIY repairs and save yourself a headache by doing the job right!

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