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Amazon Kindle DX Repair Guide


Welcome to the RapidRepair Kindle DX teardown. With the amazing features like the 9.7" screen, auto-rotating screen& wireless 3G connection, we needed to get a closer look. You will see in detail what the internals look like and get a basic understanding of how this unit was strung together.


Kindle DX Box

Kindle DX Accessories Kindle DX Box

  • Tools required: Small Phillips Screw Driver, Small Flathead, exacto razor & Safe Open Tool
  • Repair Toolkit available HERE
  • Gather all neccesary tools and place your Kindle DX on a clean flat surface, use a soft cloth or towel to place under it.

    TV dinner anyone?


    Kindle DX Front

    Kindle DX Back View

    1st Look at the Kindle DX

    We like the look and feel of this new larger screen version. With the crisp screen and user friendly button layout we think this one will be a big hit.

    The back panel reminds me of the iPod design. Feels very light and smooth.

    Kindle DX Back Panel Bezel

    Kindle DX Backing Screw Kindle DX Slide Panel Down

    Step 1

    To get started, flip the unit over so we can remove the top grey plastic bezel.

    There are 2 screws to remove in this step after the grey bezel comes off. see sub picture for screw removal location. the other one is on the opposite side. These arent hidden so they are pretty easy to get to.

    After the 2 screws are removed, slide the back panel down towards the bottom of the unit. this will free the entire back panel.

    Kindle DX Screw Removal

    Kindle DX Screws Kindle DX Battery

    Step 2

    Now remove 22 more screws located on the back panel. Visibly shown here, not too much to do in this step, start unscrewing!

    After all the screws have been removed, unplug the two speaker molex connections located left and right of the battery.

    Now remove the white bezel to reveal the Kindle DX System Board.

    The battery consisits of a 3.7V Lithium Polymer 1530mAh rating P/N 170-1012-00

    Kindle DX System Board Removal

    Kindle Wireless Card Kindle DX Wireless Card Exposed

    Step 3

    Remove the 3 clips circled. There are also 2 screws remaining for the wireless card. A plastic bezel protects the wireless module screws, remove this by popping the clips.

    Remove the black rubber holder on the bottom of the Kindle.

    To remove the side buttons just pull the silver pin hinges back and out. Be careful not to lose the tiny springs on the buttons!

    Wireless card shown: E727NV WN2

    ESN: 5BA671AE
    IC ID: 3229B-E725

    Kindle DX System Board and LCD Screen

    Kindle DX System Board Back Kindle Button Removal

    Step 4

    Removing the front white bezel is not difficult, but it does take patience. Double sided adhesive is attached to the outer edge of the e-ink screen making removal of the front bezel timely.

    Make sure to go very slow, dont put too much pressure on the e-ink screen while trying to remove it from the front white bezel.

    If you need to remove the e-ink screen entirely, just pull it up very slowly as it is also attached with double sided tape on the reverse side of the system board.

    Notice how there is clearly text still displayed on the front screen? With no power might I add!

    Kindle DX Board Chip Layout

    Step 5

    After Removing the metal shields from the board, we can see the memory chips and processor.

    *MCIMX31LDVKN5D, M91E, CTAK0915B

    *Samsung 916, K4X1G323PC-8GC3, EMA188A5

    *Samsung 907, KMBLG0000M-B998

    *MC13783VK5, AM86D, CTRE083B

    *Samsung 840, K4M28323PH-HG75, AAH055BE

    *Epson D135211B1, F09090125. E-INK



    Simply follow these steps in reverse to put your Amazon Kindle DX back together!

    The Kindle DX has many replacable parts inside. In many ways this product is user servicable.


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