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Samsung Instinct Take-Apart-Guide


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Step 1

Tools required:

  • Small Phillips Screw Driver
  • Small Flathead or exacto razor
  • A Safe Open Tool
  • Complete Toolkit available HERE
  • Gather all neccesary tools and place your instinct on a clean flat surface, use a soft cloth or towel to place under it.

Step 2

Carefully remove the back panel and battery and place to the side.

Step 3

There are four screw on the back panel that must removed. See the picture to the left, the screws are circled.

Step 4

After removing the screws carefully insert your blade or safecase opening tool into the crack along the side. You will need to crefully pry along the length of all sides of the unit to release the clips that hold the two panels together.

Step 5

After all the clips have been released carefully lift the back panel off and set it to the side.

Step 6

Next you need to remove the three screws (circled in red) which hold the mainboard in place. You then need to unplug the ribbon cables (circled in blue).

Step 7

First remove the antenna assembly at the bottom. At this point you should be able to lift the mainboard and screen assembly out of the unit. You will then need to carefully lift up the button ribbons (circled in blue) these are lightly adhered to the frame.

Step 8

Carefully remove the screen from the board. The screen is held to the board using a light adhesive, carefully work your way around and under the screen to remove it from the board.

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