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Amazon Kindle Take-Apart


RapidRepair has completed the new Amazon Kindle disassembly guide. With the slicing and dicing complete, you need only look down to see the internals of the new Kindle from Amazon.

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Just a plain little box for the new Kindle

Picture of the unit which will set you back $399.00.
Crisp clear electronic paper screen and easy to use controls defines the new Kindle.

Prior to disassembly you must remove the backing by sliding it off.

Expose the battery and remove it with a simple tug on the connector.
Then remove the 8 screws and the small white square so we can crack the unit open.

You need to use a safe open case tool and work it around the outer edge. Dont force anything open or you will break the bezel. There are some thin spots so make sure to take your time.

Close-up of the battery and white square.

Now we see the internals of the Kindle. There are several more screws to be removed and several connector clips. Take your time and remove everything before you start trying to remove the board.

Start on the power/wireless switch screws. After you remove the 2 screws, unclip the connector and take the switch out.

Remove 2 more screws, then slip a razor under the antennae PCB and remove this from the bezel.

More screw removal, clip removal, and other misc steps so you can take the enter/click wheel out.

More screw removal and we can take the wireless antennae wires off the board here.

Close-up of the mainboard taken out. Remember not to force this part out otherwise you will break something. Make sure all clips and cables have been taken off prior to removal of the board.

Once the board has been removed you can lift the internal metal bezel out to expose the electronic paper lcd screen. The keyboard can also be removed at this point. We left it in so all the keys wouldn't fall out!

For a high rez view, click on the images below

 High Rez

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